EGLL training sever

Everyone that’s on TS Should Avoid fly to or take off from EGLL because everyone is spamming and it’s very unprofessional in there, so, please avoid( IF YOU WANT PROFESSIONALISM.)

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well there is not really anything that can be done since it is the Training server, your best bet is to go on Expert server where it is professional.

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Yeah, I was controlling there 5 min ago and it was chaos everyone spammed

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Well if you really want to be a ATC controller you can always join the IFATC team, where it is highly professional.

But idk if I’m good enough. I really want to do that!

Theres nothing you can do since it is TS. There is no consequence for being unprofessional there.

Hey there!

This is a well know issue, lot of unprofessionalism.

But instead of making a post, suggest watching other plethora of posts that refers to same thing!


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I’d suggest making a ATC tracking thread then you can practice, also watch some tutorials by IF for ATC.

You can start an ATC tracking thread to improve your skills once you meet the requirements.

This helps most of the times

What do u mean? I’m not sure.

ATC Treads are used when practicing IFATC or simply to sharp your skills.

Mind. Blown.


In all seriousness if you want to be IFATC, and have better ATC skills, along with professional pilots that will always follow instructions, then create a thread like the one linked above, and check out this! I havent used the Training Server for actual flying for almost a year

But EGLL is lowkey kinda fun on the TS…

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I spawned and nobody is spamming.

This is the training server. Both controllers and pilots are still learning so some patience is required.