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Why do grade four IF players have to be so annoying when it comes to listening to ATC instructions on TS. I know not all but while I was controlling there were those few players completely disregarding instructions and doing what they wanted. I would of thought, ok they are probably just grade 2 inexperienced players but no, they had to be grade 4. I understand you want to get your stats up, but come do it at a small airport PLEASE.
(My phone went flat while I was controlling, i was actually enjoying the volume of players spawning. Hopefully I can one day become a controller in expert so I don’t have to deal with spam lol). Any way rant over. Who ever the Delta 33 Super MD11 at egll was, please for the sake of all thise who enjoy realism, FOLLOW ATC INSTRUCTIONS

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First of all, grade means absolutely nothing. You can have a grade 1 pilot who is a professional pilot irl, and a grade 5 pilot who is a clueless 8 yr old with lots of free time. I understand the frustration, but most of these people don’t have an IFC account so they won’t see this. We definitely need changes to be made though.


Well this topic regarding controlling on TS is being well known by IFC members and we know the struggle to control on TS. But TS is called Training Server for a reason, and some pilots just love to play casual and don’t care ATC instructions, which is annoying to serious ATCs but fun for those pilots~

Yep it was the same when i was controlling approach this morning when i cleared them for the ILS approach 9L/R they kept spamming requesting ILS approach on the runway i assigned them. But you cant really blame them because they are learning how to use atc on training server but im the same im considering applying for IFATC in the near future

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