EGLL Tower Not Showing Up

Hi. I was just approaching EGLL after a 12 hour flight from VHHH and I was requested to contact Tower. However, there was no signs that Tower was active. It didn’t show up on my frequency list nor did it show on the actual airport list. I ended my flight so I would not be ghosted and I am disappointed because that was my longest flight ever.

iPad 9.7 inch 2017
iOS 12

I guess you were flying on the training server. In this case, Tower isn’t always available and if you get advised to contact tower by approach ATC and there is no Tower available, you may switch to Unicom and continue your approach. There is no need to left the game.

Nope I was on expert

Switch to Unicom and you’re fine, just make sure you announce your approach properly. You won’t be ghosted if tower isn’t available that time.

Look at this topic and give it a shot. Various people have been experiencing this issue. I do believe a fix was implemented in 18.5.

Tried some stuff that was suggested in that topic but it didn’t work

Have you tried to tune in from the map?

I did but EGLL Tower did not show

Was it active or not?

Yes it was. As I exited the flight on the table showing active ATC it was showing Ground and Tower

The likelihood here is that tower momentarily went offline. Maybe due to a connection issue or a controller change. Therefore it appeared closed to you. In future if this happens contact unicom and keep checking if Tower is active. If it was active they will on guard you if you are on Unicom.


Thankfully this issue was solved by the latest update. 👏

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