EGLL Tower in training server

People in London Heathrow drive you crazy, the frequency is full but they continue to spam

It’s training server, so there is no punishment if you spam. If you are ATC, I would look for smaller airports, so you get more “realistic” pilots


It’s true but its driving crazy, I try to work my ATC but the problem is too crowded or there is nobody

I lasted about 1 hour yesterday but it was hectic. It would be nice to have a feature “requested runway not in use” or something similar for the folks that want to takeoff from 9L when 27R is in use…this happens often especially when ground disappears.


There is this for the approach that’s all but it’s true that for the tower its tight not bad especially after the person this asks why we leave them, it’s just because we know how to organize on a runway to avoid overflow but there are some who do not understand

I’m afraid to say that on TS, EGLL is one of those nightmares - just don’t go there


Its a true nightmare. People keep spamming ask for departure 4th in line… broadcast messages get ignored. You ask for patience and get 3x departure request in a row… like its the only plane on the airport…

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Would also be nice if during easterly departures people would use 09R for departure and 09L for arrivals only. Much more realism

If I were trying to improve my ATC skills, Heathrow would not be the place to do so as no one listens to anything. Like others have said, try a different airport and maybe create a thread to say you are open and active. That way pilots might pop in and have a landing or two 👍🏻

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