EGLL tower for 6 hrs

The highest I’ve down was 3 hours for Lax approach

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6 hours in TS EGLL… god help you


Great jop captain
And good luck

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It’s really a shame that players with experience are in the TS for Troll.
CS is made for that …

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If your practicing for IFATC, I recommend not controlling
Heathrow, or anywhere like that that is vey busy on the TS. I use EGKK and EGGW a lot, as two examples, you get traffic, but not ridiculously acting pilots coming at you in flocks of millions. Typically, those bogger airports like EGLL, KLAX, and KJFK, get way to much traffic that doesn’t know what they are doing on TS, because it is often the fiest airport people go to.

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That’s rather impressive! I bet it didn’t feel like 6 hours, though. Doesn’t the time fly when you’re controlling? I, without realising I was there for so long, spent 6 hours and 21 minutes controlling Hong Kong International (VHHH) on the Expert Server a few days ago and it felt like so much less time.

It’s great you’re looking to join IFATC. You should try and break the Expert Server record of over 26 hours!

Boring but true stuff starts below…
With regards to IFATC Training, you are truly not being prepared for joining IFATC (or even joining the recruitment process) by controlling at Heathrow Airport (EGLL) on the Training Server. It is about as far from accurate to the work as an Expert Server one could get. During your recruitment to IFATC, you will never be trained/tested with such high aircraft density. Further, as enjoyable as a 6-hour session may be, you should spend less time controlling and using that time to review your mistakes. A 30-minute session is just as valuable as a 6-hour session, in that, if one does not realise they’re making mistakes in the first 30 minutes (and continues to make the mistakes), the remainder of the session is useless. You should not merely be presiding over an airport. You should be learning!

Suggested Airports

Instead of controlling at EGLL, I suggest you head to the following airports (among others):

  • Manchester (EGCC);
  • Shaw Airforce Base (KSSC); and,
  • Guam International Airport (PGUM).

To learn more from your sessions on your way to joining IFATC, create an ATC tracking thread. A mix of experienced IFATC controllers, like-minded IFATC applicants, and other helpful people will attend your session and give constructive feedback. It simply isn’t possible to, without watching the session (and who wants to watch a 6-hour session?!) to understand what you did wrong and what you did well at your EGLL Tower marathon. The tracking thread will remedy this, allowing you to open for as long as you wish, with a more realistic stream of traffic for IFATC training/testing.

How do I make an ATC tracking thread?

You may also wish to undergo formal training. I strongly suggest that, when you are able to, you enrol.

ATC Training



Well the passed two weeks I’ve trained my self in much lower crowded airport so I can provide the best for the aircrafts, but this time I just wanted to challenge my self and try to be much faster with the commands in a heavy crowded airspace so I can train to give right instructions and be focused even if the airport was full…thnx for your feedback

I will the next time… It was just a challenge for my self + trying to give faster commands in short time with a busy airport it wasnt a competly training sessions for perfect service…I’ve did some in OMDB, OKBK and some more airports it was a perfect experience with well trained pilots but just I was saying it was just for fun and trying to improve my efficiency in a really busy airport…thnx for your feedback 💙

I call the training server “Casual server with ATC” 😂


Doubt it helps much. 50% of the aircraft there don’t know what they are doing. I gave up after an hr. Like what Patrick said above, create a ATC tracking thread! It will help :)

All the best with IFATC!

The main Purpose for me choosing EGLL is to try to give a good service in a busy airport I’ve tried other airport with maximum 5 planes a time the experience was magnificent

The past two Weeks I’ve did some ATC tracking thread and some IFATC members joind and gave me good feedback and even showed me the lack in my TS I’ve learned a lot from them and definitely I will open a ATC tracking thread this week

Thnx a lot Patrick for your awesome feedback I will take your take your advice 💙

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Well I’ve had a lot of pilots listing to my instructions over 90% of them but for sure there are some which are still new to IF…about the ATC tracking thread I’ve opend few the past 2 weeks and I definitely learnt more than yesterday in EGLL

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Amazing! Good job!

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Great job 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💪🏻

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WoW! 6 hours! good job mate!

after 1 hour in tower there I have to go to sleep to restore! EGLL is really stressful at certain times!

not to mention the fact that everyone wants the 27L, it’s not clear why, what’s wrong with the poor 27R? I feel a little bad for it every time!😂

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Was this on the TS? If so, my god, you are some type of saint to be putting up with that chaotic dumpster fire that is EGLL on TS for 6 HOURS! I applaud your courage and grit! 👏🏽

That’s exactly right. xD But I fly in it all the time. Haha.

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Hi, great work, I don’t know how you could handle that haha.

Hey there! Awesome job on reaching 6 hours of controlling! If you ever need help! I can do approach for you!

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I thin that they choose 27L just to show others their smoth landing but without they know that the gear needs repair + not to mention the tails 😂😂😂 for some of course not all

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