EGLL to YPPH tonight

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I am thinking about flying QF 10 from London Heathrow (EGLL) to Perth (YPPH) tonight. I would like to get some information about this flight from other people who have completed the flight. I would like to know what the flight time is. Can I complete the route with full passengers, cargo, and fuel? What cruising altitude is the best? So if there is anyone who completed the route please help me out. Thanks in advance.

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Use this website:

Hi, I have used this website already. I would like to hear some real life experience also before I start. Thanks though.

This website use real life information, like real route. Just use this website.

Have you flown this route?

You should have enough fuel, you don’t need many passengers or cargo, just keep it all low so you don’t have to worry. I have done it a few times.

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I am trying to fly with full passenger and full cargo. Will this be too much if I take full fuel.

You must step climb on this route. The takeoff weight is very high and given the runway length at EGLL, an estimated V1: 150~ VR: 172~ and V2: 187.
Average tail winds should result in a flight time of a bit under 16hrs if using real time winds. Recommend utilising Simbrief for flight plan and for fuel planning.

If going with full load, you’ll probs have to do a fuel stop at OMDB

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Yeah probably if there are strong winds. Adding cargo and passengers is really not needed unless you want absolute realism.

That is what I am going for.

The full fuel however for the 789 is 18:31. If the flight is 15:45 I should be able to make it comfortably.

The 18:31 fuel time is estimated only. Winds and weight will change it

Thanks everyone. I just took off and the winds are looking very good. I am currently cruising at FL 350 and have a ground speed of 560 knots. It is saying I will complete the flight in 14 hours. You can track me. My name is Mihir and my callsign is Qantas 10 Heavy.

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