EGLL to Abu Dhabi 787 style

Hey guys :) ,
My regular post of the week is here :) . This time featuring my favorite plane of all time, the 787, with my favorite featured route: Heathrow to Abu Dhabi :). What makes it special is this is the flight Pilot manon did on her fourth training flight on the 787. I look up to her as an amazing source of inspiration :) . The flight was done on the expert server and I had technical trouble so unfortunately I couldn’t count it but… these pictures turned out pretty good… especially at night. Enjoy :)


Please edit and bring up the exposure (the amount of light in the picture) because I am having to let my eyes adjust for a bit to see the detail in the pics.

But good angles


I agree with you.


Nice photos but please do what @BennyBoy_Alpha said to do.

Guys, who are you to decide whether she needs to edit her pictures or not?

@TRIavgeekMandy amazing pictures as always, they’re fine as they are 🙃

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Beautiful photos 😍😍, The BA livery is beautiful.

  • Just turn brightness up, I can see them clearly.