EGLL Sunset Spotting 01/03/17 (Biman 772 and QR359)

Shaem about the weather. It was cloudy with very poor light. I have a new camera so I thought I would try it out. Hopefully next time (early April) it will be more sunny. The camera is a Canon 760D with a 18-135mm lense. No UV filter as they sold me the wrong size (sigh). Anyway, all photos are from near the bus stop at the 27R threshold.

Just as I arrived there was a runway closure with 4 go arounds and then landings being switched to 27L along with departures. If anyone knows the reason why please do say so on the thread.

I also came across a parked aircraft so have a few guesses as to what it is.

Anyway, forgive the poor light and the fact that it was my very first time using the camera so I ws unsure of the best setup. Feel free to use the photos as long as credit is given. All photos are unedited and have not been cropped or retouched.

It got rather cold so I decided to leave. Luckily I was given a free ride on the Heathrow Express. Dare I say I prefer the tube even though it takes about 3x as long…


You been able to do a lot of spotting lately, and yet you still are always moderating! How do you do it!?


Great photos Misha!! - Love the Air Lingus photo.


I do way more than just planespotting and moderation lol


Great photos, want to go spotting at Heathrow so bad.

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Nice pictures @MishaCamp

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Thank you sir. Had around 467 but unfortunately I had my settings a little off to start with so they were no good.

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Some photos of planes from when I went planespotting a few weeks ago. Not as nice as yours though :) Shot at Myrtle Avenue.


Just a suggestion, post a new topic and link it in a comment rather.


I decided to create an aviation Instagram account (45820374502th one I know). Would be cool if you guys all followed moi. @heathrow_aviation_spotting ((:


Misha you take some of the best photos I’ve seen in a while. Keep planespotting it really is fun browsing aircplane photos :)

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What about me!!!

I said some of the best ;) context needed mate lol. You also have beautiful photos.

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That A350 though :D and also the BA’s. Well done Misha!

Can you not get rid of all the underscores??

Camera with one hand, moderating the community on the other ;) @MishaCamp

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No. It’s either no spaces or underscores/dashes

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Did you get a chance to see a TAM 77W? It arrives at about 15:00 UK time…

I’ll check the other photos later. Seen it a lot of times before tho

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I didn’t this time. I got there at about 330, just after they swtiched runways