EGLL->SBGR | British Airways 777-300ER

So @Raze and I wanted to do long haul for @BritishAirwaysVA, so we decided to do EGLL-SBGR.

  1. A long haul for BAVA

  2. EGLL-SBGR, Expert

Sitting at the gate waiting for Raze to spawn as a BA A320 takes off

Finally spawns in and copies fpl. Ready for pushback!

Blasting off from EGLL bound for SBGR!

Raze lining up as I depart

On final at SBGR as Raze flies over the airport!

Thanks for viewing my topic! Please let me know what I can improve on and leave which one is your favorite below!

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Nice photos!


Thanks, Henry!

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My favorite pic! Good job.

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I think I found my new flight photographer;). Can’t wait for tonight’s flight!