EGLL right now

EGLL is so full right now! Just look at this!

I don’t know at all how the controllers are handling this, but let’s give them a round of applause because it must be very stressful!


Oh wow, I knew it was bad, just not this bad. Amazing job IFATC!


That’s terrifying! I am currently going to London

Thank you so much IFATC for handling this!

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Yep really busy , I applaud the IFATC who were controlling EGLL right now and in the past .

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The ATC is doing a great Job, but some Pilots are just crab…
South of Runway 27L you can see 3 waiting aircraft and one aircraft on the runway.
ATIS says: “use of departure and arival procedures required”
So my problem with the Pilots there:
One of them had been me (AF456), the other three are not members of the IFC or dont have linked accounts. Alle three of them have landing lights and strobes activated on taxiways, 2 of 3 dont even have a flight plan, and the one guy with a flight plan taxis through 3 Planes and lines up without contacting ATC…

Pilots on Expert servers are from horribly bad to unbelivable good
ATC is Expert on the expert server and they do a great job always!

My hope for 2021, beeing part of this amazing IFATC


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Haha I’m countering all of this en-route to Heathrow


I am currently 16th in the lane for runway 27R takeoff, a few tips for you guys:

  • Turn on lowest graphics as my phone with an A14 chip is lagging
  • There are two different ground frequency for north and south of the airport
  • DO NOT jump in line.
  • Taxi with one engine, start the other engine when you are about 5th to takeoff (save fuel)

Great job by ATC, but it doesn’t look fun at all!

I’d rather be a quieter airports that’s open 😂

From my POV, these controllers did an absolutely amazing job sorting all this out in the air and on the discord! It’s truly amazing watching our own IFATC sort this out so professionally and safely!

A huge round of applause for all who controlled EGLL, and good luck to our two approaches and local controllers at Zurich. Enjoy the chaos!


U copied me lol. I did the same thing for EGKK. You’re good by the way.

HOw many ground and how many tower freqs?

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I believe we had GTTAADS online (Ground, South Tower, North Tower, South Approach, North Approach, Departure, and ATIS)


We had 2 grounds, 2 towers, 2 approach, 1 departure and 1 center.


Wow , that’s busy ! I hope post a spotting video of it, it would be so cool to watch !
Btw I hope no one crashed due to this ^^


It’s amazing how busy these hubs can get.

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This might be the most traffic I’ve ever seen in Infinite Flight