EGLL parking to EGLL runway

Heyo, today i just felt like showing some pics from TS1 at EGLL since why not…

XiamenAir 787-8 decided to taxi through me to get 1st in line to takeoff

No clue what the 788 is trying to do at this point, an Air Canada plane loses connection and ascends to the heavens

The 788 decides that he is no longer going to rush his flight after sitting on the runway holding up 3 other aircraft after 2 minutes of the ATC telling him to takeoff

Might try to do my flight again later if this doesn’t happen, it was ment to be Infinite Flight 343 EGLL-KBOS.


Lol. No point expecting professionalism on TS.


That is why I don’t like TS, and get sad when I get ghosted

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I might start playing on expert from now on, just want to improve on landing first

Once you have reached G3, stay away from the TS like the plague and enjoy expert!

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Been grade 3 for a while now, i just dont feel ‘expert’ enough to play on the expert server

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There’s always the tutorial section to help build you knowledge and if you avoid busy areas in expert, you can slowly build your confidence up before having to worry about getting on the wrong side of the IFATC team, report/ghosting.

You could even sit at a gate at an IFATC controlled airport and listen to the ATC conversation to get used to how it is supposed to sound.

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No Grade makes an Expert pilot. Many high grades are obtained while sleeping…

#tutorials make Expert pilots.
As Chris suggested, take some time to study them, and you’ll be a bigger Expert than many Grade 5s 😊