EGLL OPEN, come test me PATTERN WORK (CLOSE be right back an hours)

EGLL OPEN NOW, come test me PATTERN WORK (playground server)

its practice for me , if u are free come and test me

On my way.

Make sure you know where aircraft is inbound from before issuing a command. You told me to enter left downwind at first

try to do thebest

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i saw you , i saw ur location tom

i mean eight downwind typo

Continue inbound or enter right base should have been told.

try again tom 1 more

I will in a little while if your still around

If still open will pop along as got a spare few minutes!

CLOSE be right back in several hours

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Yes just closed just when I asked for pushback! Never mind will try later on!

sorry bro its lunch time

Not to worry, took over and did a busy 30 mins as Ground and Tower! Very busy, used 27R for departures and 27L for arrivals. Only exception being aircraft pushing back from T4 or LHR Cargo.

Thanks to all who came along and was patient with my controlling!

same with me , i was used 27L arr and 27R dep , not to busy but i was afraid because im in practice

Had one guy in an A380’see the que for take off at 27R ( all of 3 aircraft) and ignored my instruction and taxied all the way over to 27L…before finally taxing back to 27R!