EGLL Online server taxiing glitch

Call sign at the time: Lufthtansa 2 0 0 4
Was at EGLL taxiing to runway 27L, midway after making a turn my plane just went and did a full nose dive down the taxiway and was totally uncontrollable. I saw a similar topic to this where the scenario was landing and someone suggested it was a connection drop although that wasn’t the case, my connection was stable and it somehow did this as shown in the picture below. So staff could you please find out what went wrong? I got a speed violation and another I don’t know what but please find out what the cause for this is staff.


Reinstall IF, you have corrupt data. .

This is caused because the terrain failed to load properly - I’ve experienced this myself even until now, and I’ve already informed the developers. For me, restarting the app/reinstalling the app/restarting my router etc. can’t fix the issue. Only a few people would experience this issue, and it’s hard for the developers to reproduce, but still they are trying to find a solution.

You can still try what @Mags885 have said and reinstall the app, and hope the issue would be resolved, if not you have to deal with it for now (like me, I’ve been experiencing this bug ever since Global was released). Good luck!

Ok, thanks for the solution so guys, I’m going to try that as soon as land at EHAM

im sure Tyler might be able to remove your violation

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