EGLL-NZAA pictures

Here is proof that I did this flight non stop

Aircraft: A359 in the Airbus Factory Carbon livery (it was a British Airways flight but there was no A350 livery)

On the ground:

Took off at EGLL:

Somewhere over Russia:

Passing over a KLM B772 near Japan:

The beautiful Solomon Islands!

New Zealand! Finally!

On final approach to NZAA’s 23L:

Finally! After over 20 hours in the sky!

Parked at the gate so all of those exhausted passengers can finally have a rest!


Great photos! Thanks for sharing.

I’m wondering how did you get the view for this photo:

I can’t seem to get it as there isn’t an automatic setting for it.


I used the free cam

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Very nice! Hope you enjoyed that flight(:

I’m not amazed that you did such a long flight,
I’m amazed that your device didn’t crash, especially since you used an A350…😂

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What in the world? For 20 hours, I wonder how you can fly that long

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Wow, mate. That’s a long flight. I did a 16 hours LHR-PER and thought that was long! Nice pics to!


Thanks guys!

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Loved to see you in my country mate

That’s a long flight! Great pictures

Wow! I once flew a 16h flight from Perth to Heathrow last year on a 789, was amazing.
That was also the longest flight I ever flew on IF, I should really try that again with the A350…
Great pictures, that must’ve given you a fair bit of XP…

Stay safe!