EGLL North Tower | IFATC Timelapse |


On 22Dec we had a flash flight at EGLL and had the opportunity to control, With over 200 arivals at any time and 100+ planes on the ground at one point and 80 planes on departure lines, it was a busy day for IFATC. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see the name of all controlling the flash flight thus I won’t be naming any of the members.


The quality is low due to huge traffic


Thank you for posting that !
I was expecting to see a vid of this event tho ^^ .

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Loved this! Thanks for posting this @anon66739927,
I can see my plane very clearly on the screen and taxiing not to yours 27R but in communication with South Tower - 27L, unfortunately the video ended just when I am about to enter the runway after a long wait lol

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I think EGLL was busier than it was IRL for departures, just look at all of those planes lined up takeoff!

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Just out of interest (it is not meant in any way a criticism of ATC, they do an awesome job) but how come departures and arrivals come in to both runways? Would it be more efficient to dedicate a runway to each?

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Nope! We (IFATC) are instructed to use all available runways, all the time. In my opinion, using both runways actually make it easier and more efficient, especially if there are two towers to control.


If we did that imagine how long that departure line would have been😂
Plus it would be hard for approach to sent all inbounds to only 1 small cone