EGLL madness - Expert Server

Just took off from EGLL and it’s a mad house. The ATC there need to remember to make announcements of controller changes. I waited in line for 15 mins at the hold short marker of 27L waiting for clearance. jakey left and royal Jordanian took over and 3 aircraft showed up to the other side of 27L way later than me. He cleared all them to take off making it about 30 mins of time holding short. By the time I took off and he cleared me to departure, I had departure sending messages to contact them before within 2 seconds of tower clearing me. Not even enough time to press the button. Anton de Zeeuw was the departure controller. No biggy but EGLL was by far the worst controlling airspace I’ve seen on expert in awhile. Also the ATIS said flow control in effect yet it definitely didn’t look like it. Anyways everyone have a good Sunday!

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Hey man, unfortunately, having controlled EGLL on expert myself, it can be a nightmare to control. IFATC are only human after all.


It’s EGLL on expert on a Sunday, so delays should be expected. It’s not exactly sunshine and roses on our end when it’s as busy as it was today.


Trust me I know lol all I’m saying is please remember to send controller change in progress if possible. They did the best they could.


They did their best, and I appreciate that. Good that you got into the air in the end of the day. I myself was waiting for 30-40 minutes to takeoff from there, earlier today, mainly due to the heavy traffic and ATC trying their absolute best to squeeze as many planes out before a unbearable queue appears, which would cause even further delays and congestion. I even had to Go Around but at the end of it all, the service provided by them was much better than what I though I’d receive today considering the major delays and heavy traffic.

So even if not the best of service today by IFATC in LHR, compared to other days, this is just a part of it all, being in a International airport handling multiple airlines simultaneously, and I think for one, they did a outstandingly good job, so props to you guys, honestly 🙌


Controller change should be announced, but you knew that they changed controller, didn’t you?

If I have understood the rules correct, I believe if there is a controller change you can announce again that you are taking off

I ain’t IFATC, but since the airport is one with the most traffic on IF, it is very hard to control, two runways with many pilots

You shouldn’t stay 30 minutes in the hold short line, I agree with you there, but in an airspace that is so active and controller changes, it is hard for them

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Our job can be extremely stressful at times and sometimes you just have to wait. It can be really hard to pay attention to that type of stuff but we try.


It’s a madhouse behind the scenes as well. The ATC is trying their hardest to manage the chaos of pilots who don’t always know what they’re doing. However, if you spawn and see how busy it is you should be willing to wait. Remember, aircraft in real life need to wait 30 - 40 minutes sometimes. Have patience.


Yeah and all the grade 3 noobs go full throttle on take off and don’t know how to use ATC I waited 10 minutes today at EGLL from the ATC craziness

Thanks for the feedback. Will let them know.