EGLL-LOWI and back @EGLL 261430ZJAN19

  • Aircraft and livery:Ba A320 or 321

  • Route:EGLL-LOWI and back

  • Times:Flight 1- 14;30Z Flight 2- 1600Z

  • Server:Expert server

  • Extra notes:Copy my fpl, give me 5-15 minutes to generate it during the turnaround and give spacing between departures because the R-NAV into 08 for LOWI is slow and mildly challenging!!
    Use the western parts of T5 at EGLL
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Hello there! Unfortunately, the title is in the improper format. I would recommend reading this topic below for help.

i realised that, i need to edit it again, i changed the wrong bits

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This better

It’s just the title that needs fixing. At the end there should be: 261600ZJAN19

Gocha will do

Try thinking of a name and put: Title @ EGLL - 261430ZJAN19

Ill get there some day

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