EGLL/LHR (Heathrow) Spotting

Hello community!

Recently, I went to London Heathrow planespotting. I arrived in the morning and spotted for around an 1hour 15mins. I only got photos of arriving planes from 09L as 09R(which they were using for takeoffs) had thick fencing round it which means if your at level with the fence, the photos look terrible.

Camera: Nikon D5000 with 18-200mm lens I think lol
Place: Thistle Hotel viewing terrace
Runway: 09L

I am not a photography expert so excuse my not so good photography :)

Delta A330 from Atlanta_DSC0518

Flybe Q400

KLM B737-800 from Amsterdam

British Airways A320 (There were lots of these)_DSC0526

British Airways B777-200ER with Terminal 5 in the background_DSC0529

British Airways A321 from Glasgow_DSC0532

British Airways B747-400 from Las Vegas_DSC0537_DSC0536

Middle Eastern Airlines (MEA) A330. Sadly only took one photo of this rarity due to technical problems :(_DSC0540

I accidentally changed something in my camera without knowing so the photos look a bit different from now.

Swiss A319 from Zurich_DSC0547

GermanWings A319

United B777-200ER from Chicago (ORD)_DSC0553

BA B787 from Chennai with the beacons flashing at the same time as i took the photo_DSC0558

Air India B787-8 from Mumbai_DSC0564

Austrian A320 from Vienna_DSC0573

Aeroflot A330 from Moscow_DSC0577

Qatar A350-900 from Doha You don’t know how happy i was when i saw this approaching on FR24 :)_DSC0581_DSC0582

Iran Air A330-200 from Tehran_DSC0586_DSC0587

BA A319 (Olympic Dove livery)_DSC0592

BA A320 (with Sharklets)_DSC0594

Virgin Atlantic B787-9_DSC0597

Turkish B737-800 from Istanbul_DSC0602

Delta B767_DSC0620

United B787-9 from Los Angeles_DSC0632

BA B767_DSC0643

American B777-300ER from Dallas_DSC0647

Emirates A380 from Dubai_DSC0652_DSC0655

If you want to use one/some photos shoot me a PM.

I did take more but the post would be wayyyy too long If I would show them all. Thanks


It doesn’t even look like Heathrow with that beautiful sky!


Great photos! Keep up the amazing work!


I’m just gonna say that these pics are Golden 😍
I for the first find all of these pictures beautiful and the BAW 747 looks majestic not to say the least the first Delta picture looks amazing.

Then you obviously have the big guy 380 ;)

Looking forward to see more pictures from you :)


This was only a one off occasion so not much more photos from me:) Thanks all for the positive feedback!

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Great pics! Weather is amazing outside, glad it was also good during your spotting session. (Quite unlike the classic UK weather!)

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Oh that’s a bummer, but i really do love these APP pics. I for some reason love when planes land or about to. It looks gorgeous or majestic in a way… 😃

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Heathrow is perfect for spotting, even 30 minutes of plane spotting and you’ll get loads of photos with the immense amount of traffic. Great shots btw!



Lovely photos! Nice to know that London has the great weather like in the north.

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It was the perfect day for planespotting, beautiful in the UK at the moment


Lovely photos! When were these taken in zulu?

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Thanks. 0900 till 1015z

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Right?? Today is such a nice day in the UK…

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OOhh, if only you were there a little later, around 1400Z. You would have caught BA278 (B787) from KSJC, my home airport!

Anyways, nice photos. That AA B777-300ER though, really nice!

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Love the shots!!! it’s a nice angle from that location

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One more message XD

I looked up the registration of N723AN (the American Boeing 777-323ER) and it came from KDFW.

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Just changed it. Thanks :)

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Nicely done on the photos. Might also be helpful to set your camera to spot metering (not sure what it is called on a Nikon). Setting it to spot metering the camera will choose only one point as your exposure metering and if you have that point on the aircraft the aircraft should always come out in ideal exposure. Just my one tip when taking photos. I forgot about metering my exposure that way when I started out and making the switch has made my photos so much better and should help with yours as well.

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Just make a part 2 then.

Anyways, could you shoot me a PM of the Virgin Atlantic 787-9 and the Delta 767-300? thanks

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Was a beautiful day today, wasn’t it?:) English summer just passed…

Didn’t know that Fly-be flires to Heathrow and have never seen them there… Although worked there for a bit

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