EGLL-LEMD // Boeing 777-200ER // British Airways

British Airways blasting out of EGLL!

 Server: Expert
 Flight time: 2 hours and 30 minutes
 Plane: Boeing B777-200ER (British Airways    

IG- infiniteflightanr


Good job @Andy!! 😍
I tried editing your photo 😂 since i liked it soo much…


Thanks @MAFiA nice edit by the way 😍

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Oooo lovely edit

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What editing app do you use @Mafiaviation?

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did your plane stall??
don’t bully it!

I didnt lol, its just the angle.

I use Snapseed on mobile!! I am NOT good at all with advance editing in computer… @Andy

Oh okay, will check that out!

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Sure!! You can watch tutorials on YouTube to learn more… 😊

Great! will also check that out!

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