EGLL-KPIT relaunch! (In partnership with BAVA!) @ EGLL 071430ZAPR19


Today I invite you participate in a celebration of British Airways launching it’s flight to Pittsburgh! We will be celebrating the past, and present of this route! The route has a fantastic past, so hop on, and fly four of you’re favorite aircraft on an awesome trans Atlantic route!

Server: Expert

Airport: EGLL EGWK

Time: 2019-04-07T13:30:00Z


It all starts in 1986 when we got BA’s attention, we were a Steel Town in decline, but they decided to give it a try as a pass though on there DC/Philly flight on the 747, then in 1990 British purchased a partial stake in US Airways, and with US having a major hub here USpicked up the flight for British with a US Airways 767 playing pretend British Airways, then they got tired of each other and broke up, but British didn’t give up, and continued to operate the flight till 1999. US Airways picked it up a year later in 2000, and continued till they turned around, and left Pittsburgh as a hub in 2004. But here we are, and on April 2nd 2019 they’re back! And bringing the 787! Here’s an article with lots of info!


Aircraft: Aircraft availible based on what era you want to simulate.

  • 747-200 White 1986-1990
  • 767 BA livery the 90s
  • A330 white 2000-2004
  • 787-9 British Airways livery required by all BAVA pilots

Route: EGLL-KPIT, copy my FPL when it happens

Atending: gates will be decided based on attendance






BAVA -Gates 551 to 558 and 561-568

Special Thanks to the VA Partners!

Check them out here!

Photo Credits

Real pictures from @Matt737, check out some of his work, he’s fantastic, and a great guy, check him out!


You’re right, I put the 4th, not 7th, sorry! 😀

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Sorry I didn’t know this was your event, anyways I’ll have a gate

Great! Can’t wait!

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Anyone loving the new A330, might consider hopping on for the early 2000s, it’s a great aircraft on a great route!

Now within half a month of the fligjt starting! Cant wait to see a 787 grace the Pittsburgh skies!

Sign me up please

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Well you must be very happy!

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Glad you could come!

@Pingu I am, very happy!

We’re getting so close, I can’t wait! Anyone else getting more and more hyped? Or just me? 😂

7 Days away!

I can’t wait, the first flight is just 7 days away, but don’t worry, you still have plenty of time to sign up for this event! Event taking off on April 7th!

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The event is coming up, but the flight is coming faster! Who’s excited? Well probably just me, but the event should be great!

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Well, it’s official! British airways flies to Pittsburgh, event tommrow! Any last muinet signups?

Can I sign up ? I’m from BAVA.

i too would like to sign up. BAVA477, thanks

Great! Glad you could come! I’ll add you two @roostbrood

Wich gate do I need to take ?

551-568 for bava pilot’s

I will attend, BAVA362

I am gonna attend for the event… Speedbird 1493

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