EGLL - KJFK or Backwards?

First, sorry for my confusing title. I don’t want my topic to sound boring.

Anyway, should I fly EGLL to KJFK or KJFK to EGLL? I’m not sure and plan on flying tomorrow.

And if anyone has what you believe as a better flight for similar time, please give suggestions!!


I would go KFJK - EGLL ;)

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Oh we could make this a poll. And if anyone has another route for a similar time, still please let me know 😉

Which way?

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Well, I would say the main difference is the winds.

If you choose to fly EGLL-KJFK, you will have strong headwinds over the Atlantic so your flight will be around 1 hour longer.

KJFK-EGLL: you will have strong tailwinds, so the flight time will be 1 hour shorter than EGLL-KJFK


Personally, I would recommend this route:

Honolulu International (PHNL) to Majuro - Marshall Islands International (PKMJ)

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EGLL-OKBK, You can fly it with a BA 747, About 6 hours!

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Hey, I would advise you check out the numerous amounts of flight databases and route suggestion topics that are available. Such topics, although engaging, may clutter the forum unnecessarily when you already have locations to discuss this!

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I’d rather utilize the would you rather thread or just use because why not. But basically it depends on how much time you want your flight to take, because the flight to JFK is usually about 1 hour longer because of winds

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Seriously, you should have been able to make this choice yourself.


KJFK-EGGL is anywhere from 5-7 hours depending on winds.
EGGL-KJFK is 7-9 hours.

No need to be harsh… I always am confused on what way to fly… be more respectful next time

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I dont really think he was being harsh or disrespectful, he was just saying that its a small choice that easy to make. I understand you are confused to fly but he didnt mean any harm.

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