EGLL heavy traffic

I just wanted to give a huge shoutout to @Will_A
@mwe2187 @Steve_Jiang @Prashant_Divedi for doing such a great job moving traffic and keeping the IF sky’s safe. Thanks


Yeah I agree - the traffic is absolutely insane at EGLL rn - (there are currently over 100 people in Heathrow airspace/on ground rn) - you guys are doing a great job!

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Yea tbh I don’t think I could even do that. Approach is crazy right now


And this isn’t even everything… LOL! Today EGLL is a no go for me hahaha

Picture taken from liveflightapp


Insanely heavy traffic

Atc is sadly making a lot of mistakes but we can’t expect them to do a flawless job

Approach is giving everybody a sightseeing tour ¯_(ツ)_/¯


They are trying to make room for all of the traffic, not sure what is wrong here?


These aren’t mistakes - they are doing a pattern-work like approach pattern


That is the door method for approach, commonly used by IFATC.



That’s not the door. The controller is using a typical S-shape downwind pattern. The door is commonly used for single runway operations (which is not the case here). At any rate, the controller seems to be doing a fine job of getting people in.


Keep up the amazing work. working hard like always and making the flights on time and no delays.
Keep it up. <3

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Not talking about the routing:

They vectored me into two situations which would have resulted in mid-air collisions. The first time I asked to descend (to avoid a collision/close call) and the controller randomly told me to “check the forum for atc instructions” without any vectors which resulted in a very close call. Then when I checked in with tower they just randomly send me a “check the forum for atc instructions” cause I was close to another aircraft caused by incorrect vectors to the glide-slope. This was probably down to the a330 not being able to realistically make a really tight turn to line up with the glide path which made it cross the approach for the other runway for a second (see picture). I don’t think the controllers lack skill, they just got a task that isn’t realistically doable without occasionally making mistakes.

Don’t get me wrong I really admire the effort these controllers are putting into getting everybody on the ground but it’s pretty clear that Heathrow wasn’t designed to handle this much traffic and I’m definitely not flying there till things get back to normal :)

Great job IFATC
I’m inbound to EGLL, ETE 4.30. Good I packed some extra fuel.

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I plan to pack like 1h30 extra fuel for my flight to EGLL later on…


This probably more busy than the Real-World London Heathrow.


Oh definitely!

London Heathrow is definitely capable of handling heavy traffic. It’s just about getting planes organized & having good communication with those involved. Easier said than done, but the airport has the capacity for this kind of traffic.


Amazing how you guys control such a busy airport. Hats off to all of you keep it up!


Hats off to IFATC across the board all day everyday. I applaud them for volunteering their time to provide an extra layer of enjoyment for all of us. It is also cool to see so many new controllers lately!


Agreed! Cudos to all the IFATC who have been keeping us all in order…

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Thank you IFATC for doing a fabulous job at EGLL today and managing to cope with all the traffic getting in and out! 👍🏼

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