EGLL Ground Timelapse (Part 2)

Most of you seem to be loving these, so I’m back, yet again, with another ground timelapse. The reason there is “part 2” in the title is because I’ve already made an EGLL ground timelapse when it was featured as the hub a little while back. In this video, it is more calm and arrival based, considering that this was IFATC around the world. Let’s get started!

When getting a feel for what London would be like this time around, I decided that I’d like to have departures ride the inner lines of the airports taxiways and have arrivals ride the taxiways closest to the runways to avoid the most conflict. This plan worked quite well, and I’m very pleased with the result. Additionally, I also had all departures takeoff from one runway entry point, rather than doing intersection departures. My rough plan looked something like this :

Overall, the session was pretty chill, and very enjoyable. I love helping out wherever I can, unfortunately, most times that is in the form of ground since it’s pretty much the least liked frequency. Enjoy the video!

Tower Controller : @bcc.123

Thank you for letting me split with you, Brandon, was a very nice session, thanks for the awesome work on tower!

EGLL-Ground-2 (1)

I just have a quick little question for those of you that consistently enjoy and watch my content : What frequency of uploading do you prefer?

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Thank you all, have a wonderful day!


Yay! Another one!

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I found myself in there! Great work as always! Your timelapses are just so satisfying to watch!


It was a pleasure! We should do it again sometime! Really great work both while controlling and on the video itself.

Kinda hoping nobody sees the aborted takeoff at 0:21😂 Shoutout to the pilot who handled it like a champ!

Thank you Philippe! ;)

Agreed, was very fun working with you and I’d love to do it while ramping up the traffic level as well!