EGLL - GCTS Departure at 11:15 GMT

Aircraft: A321, A320, A319

Livery: Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia and Vueling (IAG Members IRL)

Route: EGLL - GCTS

Time of Departure: 11:15 GMT

Server: Expert

Additional Information:
FPL: Copy mine prior to departure
Climb: Vs3000 below FL015 AGL — Vs2400 above FL015 AGL until FL390
Speeds: 235Kts Below FL100 — 295Kts above FL100
Spacing: Please try leave 5NM Between you and the aircraft in-front of you
Terminal: T5 EGLL (no designated gates)
Flight Time : 4 Hours 45 Minutes depending on weather
My Callsign: Speedbird 414

Sorry if I’ve done this wrong its my first time :)
Please tell me if i done it wrong!!

Hey, nice event you got going on!

However, please use the guide to create event topics:


I’ll try use that layout next time because i was struggling to understand it, need to read it thoroughly

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Please use it this time. Feel free to report once you’ve understood it 🙂

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