Hi everyone, here is a time lapse of apart of my 6hr ATC session during EGLL FNF last week.

Thanks to the pilots that listen to instructions & for your cooperation during the runway change. I will upload more often


6 hours? Wow, great job!


I have been wondering this too. What about dinner or food you had to eat during that long time? I love the video too!

I was sitting at Gatwick controling there, it looked pretty impressive all day long, Video looks awesome!

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I was sitting at Gatwick for 8, but it wasn’t very busy so I could Grab some stuff here and there. How Matt did it at the FNF Hub is a mystery!

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Anyone else frantically scroll through the video to find themselves? No? Just me? speedbird 435 appears at 7:24

Anyway, this video was super satisfying to watch! It’s amazing to see how we have such dedicated ATC service. Keep it up!

You did amazing !

Nice work buddy 👍🏽

Amazing job! 6 hours of ATCing is impressive!

Thanks everyone. @Flying_Pencil coffee lol