EGLL Controller

Hi there, I just departed from Bristol to Skiathos, and contacted Heathrow Director as instructed.
I was climbing (at 17,000ft at the time) and was not close to any traffic at my altitude. All other traffic was at 15000ft or below that was even slightly near me.
The controller told me not to exceed 240kts, and then told me to make a left 360. I assumed there had been a confusion with them thinking I was going into heathrow, so I asked for flight following to LGSK just to confirm to the busy controller that I was NOT going to EGLL.
It felt like they were trying to set me up for a descent, when i was just trying to proceed on my course.

Just wanted to know if I was doing anything wrong here or if the controller just didn’t realise I was not going to Heathrow.

It seems a bit odd to make a plane from EGGD-LGSK make a left 360 whilst climbing and there is no traffic around me.

There was no violations or anything i am just curious to know why what was said was said.
Thanks (the controller was Othman_Asli).

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That’s something that needs to be discussed between you and the controller, since you know the controller name. Send him a personal message to understand better what happened.


It’s best that you contact @Othman_Asli directly through a PM to answer any queries that you may have about the earlier incident. I’m sure he’ll explain his actions in further detail there.


solving it via PM, thanks


Handling via PM