EGLL ATC Inefficiency + Not Enforcing ATIS

I know that being ATC is an incredible hard job. But today at 0000Z there was a serious lack of communication and efficiency. The fact that I spent almost the same amount of time holding short as I did flying to Amsterdam is really bothering. Yes we take you guys for granted a lot. But please, you have multiple runways open, Approach is sending inbound aircraft to the runway (27L) where 13 people are waiting for departure, when 27R has 2 people waiting and no one on final. Is it that hard to communicate with your other controllers? Even with no incoming aircraft on final, I counted 56 seconds between the last arriving aircraft exiting the runway and someone being cleared to takeoff. That’s just an inconvenience and doesn’t really annoy me. What is really annoying is the fact that the ATC allowed for a 757 to do pattern work despite it being forbidden in the ATIS. It was incredibly disruptive and was incredibly frustrating. Feel free to close this I just needed a rant after going through 45 minutes of Bureaucracy.


Hello! Often ATC can be put in very stressful situations and I understand your pain here. IFATC controllers are always communicating, whether this is with text or voice chat, we are always talking. Additionally, I can assure you that there would be nobody doing patternwork with a line of 13 aircraft. If you have any questions about what a controller is doing, feel free to pm them. Any other questions can be listed below.

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Thank you for your words however, I must say that your assumptions are incorrect. There was an aircraft doing pattern work. An IFATC member who was there has also contacted me and said that they also were incredibly frustrated and have brought it up internally. I’m well aware of what ATC is doing I’m at VATSIM controller myself.


Well, I do appreciate you letting me know. Aircraft should not be doing patternwork when traffic like that is around. Hopefully your next experience is better. My bad!


No Problem. Hopefully it was dealt with after I departed.

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Was there no ATIS at the time?

I can assure you there was an ATIS. It was in the middle of an ATC shift and the ATIS channel did not go offline.

Do you know who the controller was? If so, I’d suggest messaging them privately to discuss.

You must have misunderstood, by middle of a shift I mean that the ATC was online. There was not a controller change.

No, the issue was clearly ongoing prior to any switch. This is now being dealt with internally so there isn’t any need for more speculative messages. Apologies to mini-mod however it becomes rather frustrating rather quick. Thanks


No matter how much IFATC is, it must have been very confusing and difficult. I don’t think I have paid attention to ATIS because there is too much traffic on the tower and ground.

I deleted that comment


Thank you for your feedback. I also noticed these issues. We have spoken to the controller and it came down to being overwhelmed. Good learning opportunity.

Good thing with IFATC, is that we are all learning each and every day!

Have a great one


It’s packed out there @EGLL?
Sometimes IFATC can be overwhelmed by the volume of flights. It may not be perfect how you expect to be, but I suspect there’s some less experienced ones controlling.
They’ll get better over time
Thanks for the warning 😊

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It was around 30 min ago yes. Not sure if it still is.

Thanks I appreciate it it. Have a great rest of your day!


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