EGLL ATC for IFATC at home

Is EGLL not being manned for IFATC at home? I see alot of inbound planes on

Im flying to EHAM, I replied to the Netherlands IFATC thread but no response. Im hoping their will be ATC, I land 7:30 Z.

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Well, it is ATC Choice but with a little optional (I think) twist to it.

If any IFATC members consider EGLL home, they will open the airport. But some might be closer to other London airports or consider other London airport’s their “home”. Tomorrow is up to the controllers, not the pilots. From what we are seeing, a lot of controllers are opening smaller airports that are never opened, but you never know. Unless it’s confirmed, it’s not for sure.

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Also, if you were wondering, here is the London Controllers page for tomorrow! Looks like they don’t plan on opening EGLL unless all the others are filled or something on that nature. I cannot speak for them.

Put it this way… we, like everyone else, love our home airports. And this schedule item is so we can open them. Besides, I think you’ll find far more amazing places to fly than Heathrow 😉

Heathrow is always open whenever London is featured! We wanted to give pilots something else and an opportunity to explore the lesser known London airports. Of course Heathrow may still be opened but we’re trying to prioritise other airports such as London city and London Oxford!


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