EGLL Approach

So I have just been approaching EGLL i was told to approach RWY27L all the way. Got established then was told to turn right hdg 280 as im on the wrong runway ๐Ÿ™„. I thought the controller made an error by accident as i was cleared twice for RWY27L but then I started getting threatend with a report from him. What the heck was that all about.

I would suggest messaging the controller and asking. More often than not, itโ€™s an honest mistake or misunderstanding. If you were issued a violation (Level 2 or 3) that you think it unfair, message @appeals with a replay of the incident, and they can review the situation and either provide more clarity or remove the violation from your record.

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If it helps regarding the reply above mine, your approach controller shouldโ€™ve been @IFATCLee3440 if itโ€™s recent. I just closed London Center, so perhaps PM them. ๐Ÿฅ‚

Didnt get chance to get the controllers name as he disconnected when i landed. Is there a way to find out who was controlling at the time

Based on @AviationChampion โ€˜s reply, it seems like @IFATCLee3440 was on duty at the time.


Cheers will message him