This is just curious that why these two airports are always crowded?

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Because the crowd is always where the most people are 🤷‍♂️ TS logic…

Just kidding, they are 2 big and important airports, so that’s where most people fly.


Before Global(Pre-Global times) there were regions and those two airports were the most popular and it was just passed on to Global as now you can fly to both popular airports.

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Huh I never knew that since I didn’t have Pre-Global Live…

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In my opinion, it’s probably because the current major demographic of people that currently play Infinite Flight are from the UK and the USA, and KLAX and EGLL are both major hubs that connect people throughout the country and beyond, consequently, both provide a typical airport to play Infinite Flight.

And additionally what @PilotDog mentioned, these airports were included in the regions before the global update so they are already very well known.