EGLL 12FEB18 - 18 Photos, 12 Airlines, 12 Aircraft Types

I am not a proffessional spotter or photographer, nor do I have a proper camera; I just used my phone. Nevertheless, I still enjoy a spot of spotting as much as the next aviation enthusiast, so I decided to share this experience with the community. All photos are unedited. Please comment your opinions. Constructive criticism is more than welcome.

Aeroflot - A333


Air Serbia - A319


American Airlines - B77W

British Airways - A319, A320, B744, B763, B772, B788, B789

Egyptair - B77W


El Al - B789

Apologies for this being messed up. Blame the camera, not me.

Etihad - A388


KLM - B737

Lufthansa - A20N

TAM - B77W

Qantas - A388

Qatar - A388


Great photos George!


Nice pics!

I should go spot at geneva one day…

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Well I suggest you don’t stick all of your photos under those hide detail boxes. Especially when for every airline except BA there is only one aircraft.

Just put them all in and stick captions next to them.


Is that better now??

Much much better, only issue is the # on the superjumbo didn’t work so well…

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Great pics man!!

The Porter Virtual Team

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Nice photos man! You are so blessed to have 3 A380s fly over you. I was at Austin-Bergstrom one time on a flight for my PPL, and a 747 prototype flew over us and kept doing go arounds. It was green, factory new, and had some secret government equipment on it! (I don’t actually know). I’m pretty sure it was an E-4B (Nicknamed the “Doomsday Plane”, apparently it can fly for 3 days straight without any stops.) I regret that I didn’t take a picture everyday.

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