EGLC Using APPR on runway 27

Everytime I use APPR at EGLC (RWY27) the aircraft doesn’t descend and at the last minute, about 2NM, it descends from 1500ft and never makes it in time for the runway.

iPhone SE
IOS 10.2
Latest version of IF


EGLC has a 5.5 degree glideslope. IF just has a standard 3 degree autoland capability.


@MJames is correct, APPR can only deal with 3 degree glidescopes, it isn’t set up for steep approaches, try and fly the approach manually it’s really good fun!


Disengage VS and Alt when centered and this should be at least 9nm and try it with minimum speed
In case you find it hard to land manually it might help

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No XP if you use APPR! I used to use it a lot (Which is why I’m still in Grade 2)
Try flying manual! Immense fun and it’s challenging when the visibility is really low!
Also, only 3 degree GS for APPR in IF!
Blue Skies!

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I just used APPR in extremely low visibility. I found this out when doing this. Then I tried in solo with APPR.

@AdamCallow Said that we got XP even when we used APPR…
Well, I meant to say that we don’t the XP we get when we land manually when we use APPR… that’s what I have read…
Not doubting the feature nor meaning to offend Adam!
Blue Skies

@AdamCallow, Thanks for testing this out and pointing out that I was wrong!
You do get the same XP, or more, when you use APPR…
Now that we have a solution to the problem, I think the Mods should close this!

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