EGLC to EINN | BA A320 (QVG Codeshare)

I decided to pick up a route on the British Airways 320 today to Shannon and I ended up getting some pretty cool pictures from the flight and I decided to share them here with you all.

Server: Training
Callsign: Qantas 460VG
Airline: British Airways
Aircraft: A320-200

Total Flight Time: 1h 9m

Flight crew boarding for pre-flight preparations:

With the checklist’s complete and passengers on board, it’s time to taxi to runway 27!

Accelerating down runway 27:

Anddddddd rotaté:

Climbing to our cruise altitude of 30,000ft:

Flying over Wales and entering the English Channel at cruise altitude:

Descending into Shannon:

Final approach for runway 27:

Turning off of the runway and taxiing to the gate:

Welcome to Shannon, Ireland!

Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite photo or give me some constructive criticism on what I could do better. I hope you enjoyed!


A little constructive criticism would be that the A320 is too big for EGLC, so you would have probably needed to fly from LHR or take the E190.
Other aircraft certified to fly at EGLC are the A220-100, A318, EJets, basically all turboprops

Yea, I thought about that too. I was doing this for a VA flight and I was flying a pre-designated flight and I had no say. I guess it worked out in the end, but yes, I definitely would’ve went with something smaller for EGLC.