EGLC Short Final Option Bugged

Device: iPad Pro 2020
Operating system: Latest iOS

The Short Final option on solo spawns you extremely high at EGLC!

I think this is actually correct - EGLC has a steep approach angle at 5" compared to 3’ at pretty much every other airport.


It’s just London City’s stupidly high approaches

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That high? You have to take a good dip to get to the runway. In the last version it was not like that.

Nah, it’s normal to be that steep. Follow the ILS perfectly and you will find yourself at that altitude


I did and you are right. This thread may be closed


It has always been like this, so it’s would have not been an issue with Infinite Flight’s latest version.

The actual problem is that the game spawns you in as if you are doing a 3° slope, meaning you’re going way too fast.