EGLC procedures / improving ATC instructions

Hi everyone, I just did a short flight from London City EGLC. I usually like using a lightly loaded A318 and, if 27 is in use, take off from the intersection. 99% of the time, controllers are fine with that.

Tonight, a controller named IFAE-IFATC Stephen B cleared me to back taxi on 27 and asked me to contact Ground when off the runway. At this point it bugs me that there’s no option to ask for “Intersection takeoff”, so I just line up on the runway and ask for take off to the west again. He then tells me there’s traffic on final. I repeat my request, he tells me to exit left, follow instructions and look at the help page. Traffic was on right base when I lined up, no way I would’ve interfered.

My request is either have controllers allow intersection take offs and not keep saying the same thing over and over OR add more take off options.

See screenshots below.

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If this is a complaint then please PM a moderator or the controller you have an issue with. If you cannot PM yet because of your user status then please hold tight and I’m sure one of them will PM you shortly. Remember, the controller understands his airspace, I’m sure he had a reason for what he did.

If you would like to see more ATC commands added then please search for an existing topic first or if there isn’t one then create a topic in #features describing what commands you would like to see added. :)

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  1. It’s pretty ignorant of you to squeeze in for your takeoff if there is traffic on final and the controller tells you to expedite.

  2. Why would you take off from there? That’s not realistic nor can the controller know that you intend to take off from there.

  3. He tells you to back taxi and you line up and wait. Would have also sent you a check help pages.


I think you need to look up how long the runway is at EGLC and realise that an intersection take off on 27 from the Delta taxi way is somewhat optimistic to put it mildly.

A lightly loaded A318 needs the full runway at EGLC.


Thanks for the feed back I will relay to the controller. your right about not being able to request a back taxi or intersecting departure. The controller was just doing what he felt was right. If you have any other questions about the ATC side of things feel free to PM me.

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He cleared me to back taxi and I would’ve had to be on the runway regardless. Why does it matter if I’m taking off or going all the way to the end? It’s not ignorant, I just want to be out of his hair :-)

Thanks Brandon, much appreciated!

The point is you can’t take off from that intersection - there isn’t enough runway length for you to do it and the controller would not clear you for that since it isn’t possible.

That is a decision for the PIC to decide. Not the controller. @ATK

In most cases that would be true. But the 12 knots of headwind makes a huge difference :-)

Well if you want to take that line the PIC is also supposed to understand the performance of his/her plane and the airport issues. The controller won’t have believed anyone would have wanted to try something that doesn’t work.

If you want to experiment go on free flight or PG serves, if you want to fly realistically then go on advanced.

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Intersecting departures are a common occurrence in real life. And as he said the headwind plays a vital role. The controller had no idea how it’s loaded or anything else about the characteristics of that plane. It’s entirely up to the PIC

12 kts of headwind won’t make an A318 take off in 500m.

Yes I am aware they are, but not at EGLC.

And as the PIC of your aircraft you can make that judgment just like he can for his :)

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Advanced is supposed to be realistic though. That takeoff isn’t.

Ok. So with wind 250/12, OAT of 6C, 1800kg of fuel on each side and no pax+cargo, I get to 120kts from the intersection to the end of 27 and am airborne on the last stripe. With no headwind, I get airborne on top of the 9. Add 125 pax to the mix and I barely take off before the relocated threshold.

This seems very realistic to me, I’ve tried various scenarios over time with different planes and wind+temperature do have substantial effects as they would in real life in Infinite Flight.

Also breaks set when increasing power as you would for a short field takeoff.

There was a 777 at St Kitts a few years ago that took off on around 1000 meters of runway because they started the roll from the wrong intersection. They weren’t full so they made it. Report: British Airways B772 at St. Kitts on Sep 26th 2009, took off with too short a takeoff distance available

Their are for more unrealistic things people do on advanced then takeoff at London city at the intersection.


This sounds like you might be more suited to the PG server then if you want to do unrealistic stuff and don’t wish to follow ATC.