EGLC operation

This is a tutorial for the special EGLC (London City) Airport.
Largest aircraft allowed here are A320 / B738 / E190 (In IF, yes IRL is different)

Departing ground operation

First off, no need to request for pushback. You’re already facing the taxiway and if you push, you’d push in the water or terminal.
If told to taxi to runway 27, taxi to Charlie (Shown above) hold short line and contact tower.
Request for take-off . The controller will tell you to back-taxi when they runway is cleared. When it’s busy expect the controller to back taxi 3 aircraft at one time to exit at Kilo and hold short of Mike
Please be as expeditiously as possible

If told to ‘backtaxi…contact ground on the taxiway’, exit the runway at Kilo, wait at Mike hold short line and stay on tower frequency.
Await further ATC instructions.


Once you have taken off, continue straight ahead until you are at or above 1500ft, then turn left or right, then fly to your destination
(Applicable for Runway 27)Do not continue until you are near the ILS for EGLL unless you have reached 6000ft before EGLL airspace

Arrival + Approach frequency

EGLC is a special airport with a 5.5 degree approach angle, instead of a 3.3 degree. Ensure your speed is low and your flaps are full. You just need to keep a careful watch on the glideslope.

Approach frequency: When the Approach frequency is active, Expect Visual and ILS approaches. For 09 expect an approach leading you 4-7 nm from the runway at 2000ft for a short approach to allow slow descent when flying the steep glideslope down to the runway and to avoid traffic inbound to EGLL. Eg; an initial vector - downwind vector - base vector - intercept/clearance vector.

For 27 expect a long straight in approach that will have you intercept before the cone (12nm out) around 4000-5000ft.

This replicates real life procedures. See below charts and link:

NATS | AIS - Home

Arrival ground operation

Runway 09 - The controller will either tell you to BackTaxi runway 09, contact ground when off the runway or exit runway when able and contact ground.

Backtaxi - Turn around and exit the runway as soon as possible.
Exit runway -Turn right onto Kilo, Lima or Mike (taxiways) at the end of 09 and Stay on tower frequency The controller will tell you to backtaxi when the runway is cleared.

Thanks for checking out this tutorial. Hope it has helped you.
Special thanks to @anon88794458 @MishaCamp @Tim_B


Nice tutorials! I wish you can make a video about the departure procedures from runway 27…
Edit: wait i thought the largest plane from eglc were A318 right?


@anon88794458 ^^^ Well, when that gonna happen?


Yes however, in IF it makes sense to allow those slightly larger aircraft. Otherwise we would be denying a lot of traffic to that airport :)


Throughly enjoying these specific airport tutorials. Nice job buddy. Hope folks are actually reading the detailed information you put together. 💯😉


Incredible turotial! I was already quite familiar with London City Airports operations but not to such extent. This is incredibly detailed and is stays true to the RL procedures. Maybe I’ll visit LCY more frequently now that I know this.


I didn’t quite understand this part. Are those the hold taxiways south of runway 27? Or is it at the end of runway 09?

Look at the taxiway map that is included

The largest aircraft allowed is the a318


We wouldn’t get much traffic

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Approach Procedure with A318 is here →

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I am a little confused. If I am told to exit the runway, you say I should turn left. But those taxiways are to my right. And after that, I’ll be told to back taxi?

Guys, this topic is not about what’s going on at EGLC right now. Let’s keep it to what it’s about :)


Sorry, typo. You exit runway to the right. Then wait for atc to say “backtaxi” you stay on tower frequency until your at the terminals

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Please read this from the original post.

@Panther I use EGLC very regularly as a passenger and can tell you that when taxing for backtrack you would most likely taxi to echo not Charlie as this reduces your runway occupancy time, increasing efficiency for the airport

Well, when busy, taxiway echo will have a line of aircraft waiting

What do you mean by that? Along with that they often queue aircraft to allow 2-3 to backtrack at once

EGLC get busy very quickly. There would be a line of aircraft waiting at Echo. So, to exit the runway, arriving traffic would have to exit via Charlie.
Remember: IF is a whole different world. EGLC could have more than 50 inbound, when IRL, there’s like 20, spaced far out

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Ok thanks for clearing that up

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