EGLC - large aircraft.

Hey, excuse me in advance if this is in the incorrect section. Still getting the hang of things here!

So, I regularly fly out of EGLC (London-City) and see many times the abundance of larger A32x’s, 737s and the odd widebody. Considering the steep approach/departure angle required at EGLC (5.5 degrees), the shortness of runway and what would be height of surroundings, is there anyway we can block larger aircraft from the field? I presume the largest IF AC being allowed at the airfield are the E190, Dash 8 and the A318. This is mostly on the Training Server. Even popping on to ATC, advising AC that its too large for the field, they go and take off anyway. Doesn’t try and set a good example of good airmanship.

Just one of the many things that bothers me when arriving and departing from EGLC.

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I may be wrong! But I think there is already an aircraft size restriction in place at EGLC!

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Oh really?!

It’s been a few days, but I didn’t see any such restriction!

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You gat a violation if you land an aircraft bigger than a 737 or A321

Someone from the forum may be able to offer more clarity, but I’m sure if you land a heavy there you get a violation.


Does EGLC have a NOTAM red circle like in Denver…? Normally fly on expert so don’t really check it out too often…

EDT just checked, no it dosnt!


The thing is, we shouldn’t need one. People should be able to use common sense. However common sense does not exist on Training Server


Fully agree with you there! It is a standard of IF on any level Server, things are done with a compromise such as using 26R at EGKK…

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It definitely should have a NOTAM red circle. No doubt about that. Many newbies see EGLC as the nearest field to Heathrow, set up a 787 and direct EGLL with it. Personally, doesn’t make sense.

Perhaps the education is key here? Let people know that it shouldn’t be allowed due to the constraints. Beats me how they don’t see the steep approach on arrival anyhow!

FYI, great views at EGLL today. Using 27R for departures today; it’s been a while!!

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Even if there is a NOTAM, it is not active on the casual server.

I’d love to know what percentage of players check the forums. I expect a majority won’t. If there isn’t clear visibile information/warning in game such as with a NOTAM then it seems petty to punish people for something they might not know about

Yeah we should need one because not everyone knows about London city and not everyone knows about the forums.

Also 737’s are around the size of the a318 so it’s not ridiculous if they think it’s fine.

Exactly which is why IF should educate on the sim and then direct perhaps to the community. Any 737 type excluded from EGLC.

A 738 with the Short Field Performance kit is more than capable of the runway length however, the steep approach commands use of spoilers. The A318 only passed STOL checks thanks to the fly by wire spoilers. - so he says anyway!

But yeah I can see why some might think A318 why not 737.

I don’t see widebody’s at eglc that often. In fact, since the global update, I haven’t seen any.

I agree with addung a notam, but an instant ghost would do, too.

And a violation for 737s or a319s, would that be a good idea?

This happens on all servers too. I think just that the KASE topology is so mountainous that it made the restriction more necessary. Also, steep approaches on the sim are actually still quite easy to get right and its fairly simple to force a steep descent in an aircraft not necessarily built for it.

I haven’t seen this NOTAM, but I have seen the one in Lukla. If you don’t want to 737’s at EGLC, go to expert server (if you were🤔, that would be odd).

Maybe the little 737-600 could have passed the test if it was assesed. But as many of our friends have pointed out in the posts above, the TS1 servers has pilots(not all TS1 pilots are bad) who behave incompetently. EGLC being a class Delta airport according to infinite flight means that aircraft larger than 737 or A321 are prohibited.

I completely agree that we need this!! I want this!!!

The problem is that they simply do not have the time to put a TFRs around every airport that needs one. Some airports give violations already and if a controller is present on expert they would be ghosted if they did not cooperate.

I would have preferred something to keep people from going EGLC to EGLL. When working approach I send them on the super scenic route around the airport.

I’m guilty of EGLC to EGLL… cough. But that’s purely for reasons related getting to know the sim. Although, I’ll usually fly from EGMC, overhead EGKB enroute to EGLL. Although you can’t really ban that sort of movement… Or can you?

It’s just an idea really. Educating the less educated of our hobby will make it easier to enforce rules and good airmanship.