EGLC ILS too high

Hey there :)

I was doing a flight from EPWA to EGLC and used the STAR and then the ILS 27.
However, I have done the flight a few times and thought it was odd when I came up wau too high.

But today I double and triple checked the STAR altitudes and the ILS frequencies. It was pointing way high while I was on a 5 mile final.

It might have been a topic already and I missed it. So apologies!

But can somebody please fix this? It kinda threw me off my groove 🙃

So just to summarize:
The STAR and ILS into EGLC (at least RWY 27) are WAY too high.

Take care and hope to see you in the skies soon :)



Is it possibly the irl noise restrictions that cause it?

EGLC has a very steep glideslope, contrary to the standard 3 degrees.


Uh, EGLC has a seriously steep approach so?

London city has one of the steepest if not steepest approach in the UK due to its location. It is mainly to avoide Canary Wharf and high rised buildings

I was still very high over the runway and the glideslope didn’t catch.
I touched down after the 1000 foot mark and never caught the glideslope…

Not sure 😕

You should capture the glideslope around 5nm out from the runway at around 2000ft, and maintain a roughly -1000ft/min descent rate to get to the runway. Adjust your airspeed as such to meet it

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It takes skill. Its a really difficilt approach. A quick youtube search can help you learn the stages

I was at 4000 feet at 6 miles and it was still pointing up …

I can fly steep approaches but that was a little odd. Touched down safely but just wondered if anybody else had the same issue

Your flaps may have been set to high for your speed

If your little green arrow on the HUD is pointing up, then you’re beneath the glideslope (as you should be). Keep in mind the approach angle is 5.5 degrees or so, so you’ll need to really get down quick during the last bit.

flaps have nothing to do with the ILS approach though…

I was going 120 kts with 37 degrees of flaps.

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I noticed this. Even for the approach angle it wants me to be 80 degrees above the touchdown zone when I am 100ft away from it.
And the Papi light have been showing white over white for like 5 seconds

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Were you tuned into the correct side of the runway?

  • Your standard approach angle for majority of the other airports out there is 3 degrees for RNAVs, VORs and ILS’.

  • The approach angle for EGLC’s ILS is 5.5 degrees as mentioned by @ToasterStroodie.

  • The RNAV 15 into Aspen for example is 6.49 degrees.

Various factors such as terrain and man made structures (towers & buildings) are one of if not the main reason for higher descent angles. That said, most of the popular airports that people want to fly into in Infinite Flight have been custom edited which includes the editing of the navigation data that these airports use. EGLC being one of those edited airports is unlikely to have an issue as its already recognized that this airport will have a higher descent angle to the runway.