EGLC Glideslope Issue

I’ve noticed two times in the past week that the glideslope is saying I’m too low the entire descent. It’s happened at least two times and both times I obviously had to just guessed, but I landed. 😏

Is this a known issue or something else?

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EGLC has a 5 degree approach slope, you sure you’re following it correctly?

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It’s a steep approach, in real life it has to be high to avoid the built upareas

I’m pretty sure I am.

same here!
I couldn’t really rely on that, only have to calculate according to my speed then adjust my vertical speed

As you can see, I am really high on the approach but right on the glideslope, the approach is just steep due to high structures around the field as Chatta said, as a result the approach angle is 5 degrees rather than the usual 3 degrees on most airports around the world.


I’m going to go try it again on expert.

100% this is because you’re used to the standard 3 degree slope. I can feel like you sometimes, no matter what I’m coming in too low. But it’s just as it should be :)


This is about the a318 but I’m sure it works with other aircraft. Try it to see if it helps you.

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Your right, @Chief305. Thank you. The more you know.


We learn new things every day, live and learn 😉.

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You should see it in real life. Looks amazing!!

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I would imagine it would!

Edit: That is insanely awesome!