EGLC Glide slope

The glide slope at city airport is the MAIN reason planes like the 737-8-900 don’t go there even though they are small enough
This is because the glide slope is 5 degrees compared to a maximum of 4 on the aircraft. The reason for that is all the buildings in the way.
So if anyone of you wonder why there is no 737s or a320s that’s why.


5.5 :)

That depends on weight. A 37 tonne 737 can land, but a MLW one the runway is too short.

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My charts say 5 degrees

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They actually used to be 7 degrees! It’s the 2nd steepest glideslope in the world.

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And they can lift little to none payload if fueled.


There are A318s, I think a 737-600 can probably land on the runway if it is certified for the steep approach.

What’s the first?

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