EGLC Gate Restrictions Confusion

Good day to all Pilots and ATC. I’m a bit confused as to the largest aircraft EGLC handles. I looked online and saw a reading stating the A318 is the largest, however on IF, pilots in A319’s, A320’s, A321’s and B737 either spawn in or want to land here while I’m controlling. Do I allow it or state that their aircraft is too large for the airport 🤔…when I look on Flightradar24, there are NONE of these aircraft at EGLC

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If you want maximum realism, then I would give them “aircraft too large”.

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Hi. These gates can fit these aircraft in the real world but they haven’t in practise. I also think this should go in #general.

Thanks…I figured that 😂👏👏…but it IS the training server, so certain pilots will ignore that, and still land due to the “learning/training” curve…no ghost for not following CORRECT ATC instructions

My apologies for the incorrect category, can you move it?

I cannot. I’ll let someone of TL3 work their magic.

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Why does it need to be moved? He is discussing something that has to do with air traffic control.

The A318 is the largest allowed. Tell them that the aircraft is too large. Even the 737 hangs over the taxi way if you spawn in. I hope they listen to you :)


I wish the airport editing team would fix that (Gate size restrictions) And yes I am talking about controlling at EGLC…thanks

Unfortunately, people rarely listen on the TS. My apologies for the category confusion, I just thought this applied to pilots and controllers.

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No, this is factually incorrect. There are 2 reasons you won’t see certain aircraft at City. Size and aircraft configuration in regards to steep approach. For example, you will not see an E195 or aircraft larger than that size because they overhang the taxiway causing an incursion. Steep approach is something we cant regulate in IF, but the size restrictions are close enough to how it would be. The proper restrictions for EGLC in IF is a max of E190/A318. So no Boeing aircraft or Airbus aircraft that aren’t the A318.

The reason you see larger aircracf such as the A319-21 and 737 spawning is due to the way size restrictions for gates are implemented in IF. Its by wingspan category, so for example the C class includes everything from the A318 up to the A321 and the B737 to the B739.


I love to control @ EGLC but geez…grade 4,5 (will try to land an A359, and a A380) here 😂😂😂…but won’t do that on ES to maintain expert flying…

I read that the A318 was given permission to do that steep approach, NOT anything larger

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Yep, exactly.

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So I DO know what I’m doing when I send that…aircraft too large…denial…phew

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Yeah the A380 fits perfectly into the gates at LCY

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🙂😳 uhm oops

Just kidding, but I have done it before on Casual of course

Just a short one from me here, I would like to recommend to allow the A319 as you can use it to replace for example the A220, which we don’t have in IF. Not perfectly realistic, but fine in my opinion.

Anything larger simply doesn’t fit as stated above though.


Yeah and that a380 took up 3 gates 😂😂😂

Hmmm…interesting point…

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