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I recently made a little tutorial (initially for myself) and thought I’d share it. So here’s how I think EGLC should be controlled so it’s as efficient as possible.

At this airport your strategy is basically a loop of commands which you will keep sending. This is valid for both RWs. Lets start with a situation at some point in the loop


At the start let’s imagine you have 4 planes at the hold short line, 4 planes ready for takeoff (after back taxiing) and 4 planes on final.
What you want to do, is just a standard one in one out. You make one land, lineup the next one and then clear. Once your four planes have landed and taken off, you make your 4 planes, waiting at the hold short line, back taxi. (All at the same time with expedite. They can go at about 35kts) just to be on the safe side, the first one you just tell him to exit RW (not lineup after the back taxi) that is just in case the next inbound is too close. The gap in inbounds needs to be about 2 minutes if they’re fast. At the moment you give the back taxi to them, you clear 4 planes to taxi to the hold short line. Like that you’re back at the start and you repeat the loop.

Visual aids you’ll need:

Keep an eye for that last plane landing and as soon as he’s passed the first hold short line, get those deps out. You don’t want to miss that as it’s the deps and lack of place for arrivals which is hard. You want to wait for the plane to have parked before sending the new planes taxiing. There is no rush for them and you can do one at a time. That will avoid any give way commands. Since there is a sort of gate hold, the best is to just out a 1 minute reminder on everyone who contacts you for taxiing. Like that you know exactly who you can taxi and who not. Have a look at who’s down on the labels list to know who the 4 first were. Then take the closest to the hold short line and work your way to the furthest. (Always to avoid give way commands)


The strategy is pretty much the same as for 27, with a few more constraints. This time, you will start with just one (or a few, but no more than 4) planes at the hold short line, 4 that need back taxiing and 4 planes on final. You need a 2 minutes gap and you send the planes waiting to a back taxi. While waiting, if there’s room (in therms of inbounds) you can line a plane up. (Wait until the last second for better judgement) once your planes are out of the RW you just do your classic one in one out (or visa versa if possible). When there are 4 planes waiting for the back taxi, you start all over.

Visual aids:

Again the back taxi is about 2 minutes. What you have to be really careful of is on the number of planes waiting for the back taxi. You cannot have more than 4 and if you already have 4, you have to make the next inbound wait for them to leave first. That can be done thinking ahead with approach or with some little commands which could delay them. For this RW, you just want to always have one plane wait for takeoff. No need to have more especially since it can block the taxiway and you can send someone waiting just parallel of the line (or on those gates west of the hold short line. You’d need a give way commands)

Strategy VS Tactic

While controlling you will have this loop in mind. However as things go and new challenges come up, it is important to change and go in tactics mode. You will divert from the strategy, keeping the general logic, and try to adapt it to the needs. That could mean having more deps, back taxiing at different moments or even holding inbounds if that’s needed. What’s important is to remember that the RW use is limited and every second of its use is precious. Do not panic and keep things still on ground, delay the inbounds, whatever is needed to keep the taxiway clear and usable is very important too. An inbound needs a place to park, and an outbound will need a give way commands if the taxiway is saturated.

Hope you like it and use it!


This might help to visualise.


I’m controlling LCY right now, already had two people enter the runway while taxiing. Taxi to a runway does not mean enter any runways. It means get as close as possible without doing so


To add on a bit I forgot…

No intersections departures is crucial. You could end up blocking every exit and the taxiway really quickly.

Also for the strategy vs tactic bit. It’s the classical :

You observe the situation, analys it and then decide what to do.


when I control at EGLC I say "taxi to runway 27 I have to tell them myself to stay at the hold short line so they don’t just taxi on the runway any way to avoid this?


Do you control on training or expert? Personally I never had any problems like that but I heard a few people complain about this problem


Great tutorial.

I still think that there needs a slight additon for the ATC instructions with regards to Back Taxi instructions at EGLC as well as other simular airports. AS both Pilot and when I have done ATC (I am not IFATC) have struggled to find the right instructions so that they are clear.


That’s helpful.


Fantastic tutorial :) one thing I had always done when taking off from LCY RWY 27 is I taxi on the dirt until I get to this horseshoe area where I can turn the plane around. I’ve also just taken off from rwy 9 sometimes even though it probably isn’t realistic that planes do that. I just try to take off safely.

You shouldn’t do that. Here it’s an ATC guide more than a pilot guide… though when I say back taxi it’s basically you taxi on the RW the opposite direction and then turn around. There are tutorials for that if you want
Here’s one:

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I control on training @Captain_Zen

@Sashaz55 You shouldn’t really expect the most responsive and well listening pilots on trying even though there are some obedient pilots. Maybe try trading for IFATC

Yeah I can understand it’s frustrating. It’s great for training situational awareness, but annoying. The best is to become IFATC like I did. You’ll see it’s really nice controlling on expert with people that know what they are doing

I am practicing for about two months until I will think of applying for IFATC

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Well I can only hope you’ll become IFATC so! Good luck and we’ll see you soon enough 🙂. Don’t forget to ask for feedback it helps a lot

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Thank you :) . I should have added that I also do the back taxi thing too… just not as often :o . Always kind of worried someone will come in to land while I’m still on the runway going as fast as I can without getting a taxi speed warning. Still working on it :)

Providing that no one has entered the red ‘cone’ then you have sufficient time to taxi up to holding point for 27. Also as it’s runway that you back taxi down, you won’t get a taxi speed warning!

IRL at LCY, what you call ‘the dirt’ is actually water, which unless you have water wings is not good to taxi through!

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