EGKK Wrong Runway ?

Hi all,

I wanted to know why ATC and users are using runway 26R/08L and why it is used as a valid arrival and departure runway when it is only used as a taxiway in real life ? Something that does frustrate me a little coming over from Vatsim.



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Since it is classified as a rwy in IF, then controllers will utilize it as such. I know it’s a taxiway irl, but in IF it is still a rwy.


It is a runway in real life but only used in an emergency, but yes it is used as a taxiway. I don’t understand why IFATC didn’t know this.

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As Blue said, ATC Use it to spread traffic more easily and efficiently, but in real life it is used as a taxi way and the real runway is 8R-26L.

We’re well aware of the way it is used in real life. Blue explained it in the post above.

I try to get IFATC to not send me to that runway but I think they don’t realise it isn’t a runway, close to getting ghosted before cause I used it as a taxiway

If you don’t want to use it don’t request to be sent there

It’s officially a runway so we can use it. Surely you’d rather get off the ground 10 mins quicker if it’s busier using 2 runways instead of one


People can do that but I prefer being realistic. Despite this I find myself not going to EGKK anymore due to most of my ULH flights landing in Heathrow

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We have the whole globe now, pilots aren’t squeezed into regions anymore. Apart from major events then I don’t see why it couldn’t be handled on 1 runway (seeing as nobody is complaining about runway queues).

Controllers discretion