EGKK tower

Hey there, i finished now a flight from EIDW to EGKK end when i contacted tower (i was in a 10nm final) the controller told me to enter left downwind for the same runway, does it means that i have to execute a missed approach?

Here is a screenshot of the communications

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I am not too sure. You will just need to enter left downwind. It’s pretty wierd in that one… But you will need to follow instructions at all times. Just enter left downwind and things will be ok.

You should contact the controller for clarification. Just speculating, it looks as though the controller wanted you to enter left downwind to ensure spacing with EZYVA4, as runway 08R was being used for landings, not 08L. You were far too close to the other aircraft to complete a successful landing on the same runway.

It is possible to enter left downwind from beyond the ILS cone, to the left of where you were in this screenshot. You don’t need to be closer to the airport.


Yeah… A 360 or a maintain slowest, maybe a go around will be a little bit better. Declan is here let’s hear from him.


It appears that the controller wanted you to enter a left downwind due to the close proximity to the other aircraft on final, but I can’t speak for the controller.

It’s best to contact the controller and I’m sure they will be more than happy to explain.

Just for future reference, it would of probably been best to announce a GA in this situation.


But i was already on final

Yeah, later i have declared missed approach, but shouldn’t the controller tell u to execute missed approach, because if i am on final how can i go on downwind without going around

Yes, they should of. Who was your controller at the time?

I understand that you were on final, however, because there was another person on final as it appears, so you should’ve climbed to 3000ft and then maybe enter left downwind in a way? I don’t really know, honestly

It seems like its @Speedbird_286

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I’ve DM’ed you :)

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A go around will do. Here is your controller. Talk to him :).

Ok every is fine. A mod can close this

Thanks for the help everyone :)