Hey guys! Just a short but sweet flight today.
London Gatwick to Euroairport Basel.
It was a really nice flight and a beautiful decent and approach!
Flight info:
Total Flight time: 1h07
Cruising Altitude: FL300
Mach: 0.84

On Ground at Gatwick

Starting engines 1 and 2 under the Pier 6 Bridge at Gatwick

Take off from R26L,Gatwick

Descending through the valleys before turning base for R33 at Basel

Landing R33 at Basel

At Gate with an Easyjet A320 taxiing to the runway.

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Enjoy the pictures!


Amazing photos!🙌

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Was your callsign easy 685? I may have controlled you for both departure and arrival

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Just to let you know the A320 usually cruises at about M.78 ;)

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It’s easyJet tho lol (no capital letter), nice pics !!

Someone I blocked answered to this comment so it’s masked , I don’t know who that is , but it’s not relevant then.

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what’s the difference lol

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Good quality

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nice photos dude wich server was this in?


Yessir! Easyjet 695 thank you for controlling!

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Thanks man! This was the expert server.

Thanks man!

Thank you I’ll know for next time.