EGKK Runways | Only use 26L!

Just so everyone who plays Live and flies from Gatwick knows, Gatwick only uses 26R in an emergency or when 26L is closed. Drives me insane when I get cleared to taxi to 26R. When I do I just say “Correction, stand by.” And then ask clearance to taxi to 26L.



If the Auckland region is added, (probably not) we will have the same problems with 23R- IT’S A FREAKING TAXIWAY!!!


I hope they add Auckland! I reckon if they do, they won’t add 23R for this problem

I agree with this as those who know that 26R isn’t used find it very annoying! should we request to cross runway 26R still or just taxi over it though?


I taxi straight through it, sometimes down it without asking.

It is a Taxiway when not in use. Only place you can do 100kts taxiing ;).


As much as that knowledge is appreciated, us controllers will always use the available runways we have on hand. Yes, we’re aiming for realism in Infinite Flight, but there is nothing that states that 26R cannot be used.

Technically, 26R is still recognized as an official runway in the simulator. Even I would use 26R when traffic is heavy. If it’s light, and I can accommodate it, then I would be very happy to allow you to operate from 26L under any regard.

Trust me, countless controllers would kill to have that extra runway. Runways are our best friend.


Adding to you, its a parallel runway, simultaneous operations are possible. More aircraft per hour handled! More success. :)

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Parallel tekeoffs and landings are not allowed at Gatwick: 08R/26L and 08L/26R are too close to each other.


Allowed in Infinite Flight ;)


Nobody’s here arguing about you can and you can’t. We are saying if you wanna mimic real world traffic, learn about it on the website. Same as people saying in real world at SAN runway 27 most times get used. Same as that just information to digest. Nothing major.

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If that possible we would have not cried for another runway in Gatwick, even if it gets go ahead they can’t build it till 2019 which was signed long time ago. Even Heathrow don’t allow parallel landings like other airports, other aircrafts always bit behind to parallel one. No simultaneously take off and landing allowed in Heathrow, that’s why they crying for third runway or extend length of the runway.

IF should delete rwy 26R from the data log so nobody can takeoff or land on it, and it would also have the same rules as a conventional taxiway. These rules would be in effect so nobody “taxis” down the runway at 120 knots…

On the rare occasions that I happen to be controlling London Gatwick, I send some people to back taxi runway 26R, it just makes it easier and more realistic.

For EGKK as 26R/05L is not in use normally you don’t have to get ATC permission to enter or cross it as you would for a normal runway.


I’m bumping this topic up because I have just been on advanced and the training server at gatwick and was told to taxi to 08L. This is wrong especially for a A380 with call sign super

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It used to be a runway.

On Expert server last night and ATC was using both 08R and 08L for take off and landings. I was in a B77W and was directed to 08R whilst smaller B737 and A320 where using 08L!

Side note I was 50mt under MTOW but still nearly run out of Tarmac before reaching VR!!

Even though this is a simulator attempting to make the most realistic experience possible, this isn’t reall life, it’s Infinite Flight, and it’s up to the controller if they want to use that runway or not, but regardless, they should know the capabilities of each of their runways and respect them in terms of the aircraft that use them. There shouldn’t be any 777s on the smaller runway, but it’s built like a runway, treated as so or not, and a Cirrus or Cessna could take advantage of it. I would personally observe the real life operations, but some controllers just don’t know about it. Same could go to KASE

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But the description of the EXPERT server is where you go if you want to fly realistic, so should not both ATC and pilots study the charts before a session in order to closely follow real life procedures?

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