EGKK Runway Usage

Question: Runways 8L/26R. IRL, are they used? I’m asking because I had heard that they aren’t. Used more of a taxiway. Is this correct?

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To answer your question runways 8L/26R are used only when 8R/26L are out of service.



ok, according to wiki, 8L/26R is a taxiway. Thanks, Kevin.

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No problem! So yes, I guess it’s considered a taxiway when 8R/26L is being used!

Post edited, was a bit rude in the initial post.

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This issue was discussed on several topics before

Runway 08L/26R is only used for emergency purpose if the opposite runway is closed for either under maintenence or a problem in real life. Other than that, The runway is only used as a taxiway to another runway (08R/26L). I hope this helps! ;)


That’s what I thought. Thanks to all for clarifying!

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No problem! Although in Infinite Flight, 08L/26R is still used to help controllers to ease the traffic on the other runway. But I usually refrain to use this runway during my training session if the traffic isn’t too busy ;)


Thanks and roger that.

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