EGKK Runway 26R/08L Removal


Just flew out of EGKK, and had someone land over my aircraft holding short of 23L (Cause i thought he was landing on that one) and the guy almost clipped my tail and flew over me and then over shot the runway as the plane didn’t stop in time because of the shorter runway. (This was also on the Expert Server)

So, the solution to this is to just have Runway 23L and 08R as the runway and then remove 23R and 08L from the map and make sure they dont have the approach paths.

Let me know what you think.


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It’s up each and every individual pilot to know that the shorter one isn’t used for Takeoff/Landing. The runway is there to remain as is since that what is like IRL.

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This has already been discussed before, we have come to the conclusion that the runway will not be removed.


Just to let people know, the main reason behind this is because it is still an official runway in real life, even thought it is used a taxiway normally, which can be used in an emergency situation or if something were to happen to 26R/08L deeming it unusable for a period of time.

Therefore to counter the fact it won’t be removed you can just try and follow real world procedures yourself and hope others do as well.

We’ve talked about this so many times. It will stay the way it is and controllers will be able to use that runway. Nothing more to say here, this has been discussed over and over.

As Matt has just said Gatwick’s second runway is used a backup/reserve for a variety of reasons.Even though both runways cannot be used simultaneously due to the distance (safety reasons) the reserve runway has not been demolished in real life so therefore the airport editing team cannot remove it and also it decreases the realism of the game and EGKK overall

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I don’t know why you are responding to this. This runway has been discussed extensively in the past and we have made a decision to keep the runway and allow IFATC to use it. That’s the end of the story.