EGKK Right Now

If you know what I’m talking about you know exactly what I mean. If you don’t, London Gatwick is a MESS right now. I feel for those controllers operating at Gatwick right now. it’s the high level of traffic for me. Someone just taxied straight through me. If you are at Gatwick right now, Bless you all.


That’s community’s punishment for skipping on geography lessons. All other airports are doing just fine ;)


LOL, so true

expert server this on?

yes but it feels like training

show meeeeeee

cant im taking off

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I might be going there after Keflavik if Icelandair flies there 😂

The EasyJet behind me just decided: This is too busy, Imma despawn.

im tomjet 2823

Landed, despawned 😂 (I was the plane right after Misha landed)

The controller right now at London Gatwick is @BrandonHG for tower and ground.

Ballonchaser and DeerCrusher are in the southern ramps.

Is Manchester as bad as Gatwick right now

I was waiting in line for like 15 minutes before taking off at Gatwick. Its really busy

But is Manchester busy?

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I have no idea. But its probably not nearly as busy at Gatwick

15 minutes is very realistic taxi times irl for major airports. IF pilots think that’s extremely long when that’s the norm for airports like La Gurdia or O’Hare


Manchester has calm traffic as of now.

Why don’t you do the controllers a favor and not fly to London Gatwick and fly somewhere else. 😉