EGKK on PG - welcome and do some touch-and-go's

Please be my guest and do some touch-and-go’s and have a lot of fun! 😃

Give me a clearance instead of a “Roger” on very short final :/

You were already cleared to land long before, therefore no double clearance, sorry.

I’m talking about my second touch & go. I requested a runway change, you told me to enter base, but I didn’t get a clearance.

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Yes I know 😊 but you were already cleared for the “old” runway. Afterwards you requested the runway change, which was granted by me. But the landing clearance in still valid though. On the ATC panel I can see that, because the cleared “new” runway was shown in green letters as well. According to Tylers ATC tutorial videos there is no need to clear you again for landing on the updated runway. New pattern instructions and you’re done.

Still on? I can come for some rounds…

come here😎

Callsign: Thai1976

That’s incorrect you need to re clear for the new runway Lauren’s knows his stuff I’d listen to what he has to say. In Tyler’s video he states you don’t need to re clear an aircraft if you change there sequencing. A runway change needs to be re cleared.

Okay, thank you for clarification! Sorry Laurence, you were right and I need to view Tyler’s tutorials again 😜

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Still open?

yes for about 15 minutes

closing now. Thanks to all visitors!! 😃
For me it was great fun! 😎

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